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Zaigar Finance: DeFi Platform Launches Game Based on Binary Options

On November 10, Zaigar Finance, a decentralized finance service led by the well-known rewards marketing platform Zaigar, added another feature to its portfolio, Zaigar Options.


Digital asset enthusiasts and DeFi universe enthusiasts can now use their ZAIF tokens to play this simple, fun, and profitable game where you choose whether the value of a coin will go up or down with each spin.

In this first moment, platform users can, every hour, make their guess based on the trading value of DOGE – cryptocurrency famous for the unusual tweets of famous Tesla and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk. In the future, other currencies and different times between each round can be programmed, including by decision of the community itself, in a vote, as informed by the team.


It’s really easy to participate when accessing the game, available on this website, just connect your wallet, enter the amount you want to play, and choose between one of the two options available: whether the currency value will increase or will fall in relation to the closing value of the round. The result is also very simple to follow: if your guess is right, you win your bet multiplied by the amount displayed on the page, in real-time.

As is quite common in this type of game, the value played by players who lose the round is used to reward the winners. For example, if ten players enter the match believing that the coin value will rise and twenty players enter with a hunch that the value will fall, and in the end, the value rises, the value played by the lost twenty players will be divided between the winning players, discounted platform maintenance fees.

In addition, a referral system has been made available where every time a user you refer enters the game and wins a game, 2% of the amount won by him goes straight to your wallet. And there’s more if a player who has not been nominated by anyone makes a guess, this value is accumulated towards a special round that takes place every week (jackpot), further increasing the prize distributed in that round.

For those who have been with Zaigar Finance since the beginning, it is worth remembering that every time a guess is launched using the ZAIF token, part of the value is burned and another part is distributed to those who already have the token, benefiting everyone.

To learn more, go to this website.


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