What is Cloud Mining: Earning crypto in the easiest manner

What is the best low-risk way to get involved in the cryptocurrency business in 2021? Best cloud mining sites offer a lot of programs for both newcomers and experienced investors. Well, we talk about cloud mining, a game-changing technology that enables earning BTC and altcoins without investing in expensive and extremely energy-intensive machines.

Cloud mining vs. Traditional Bitcoin mining

Let’s see first what classical cryptocurrency mining is in general. Traditional Bitcoin mining is a complex resource-intensive process of creating new coins by solving computational math problems. Users are involved in this process with their equipment (ASICs, for instance). Confirming blockchain-based transactions, they get a reward from mining. To be honest, this scheme is becoming more complicated and less profitable nowadays.

In turn, cloud mining technology is a totally clear and easy option available literally to everyone globally. And that’s why.

While classical mining means investing in extra-expensive hardware and software, cloud mining enables customers to earn Bitcoins using remote access to equipment in Data Centers. All the machines are owned and run by companies that provide cloud mining. The idea of sharing hash power capacities is definitely the best one for those who don’t want to invest in mining hardware.

There are some different models of cloud mining. The cheapest and the most profitable thing is leasing hash power hosted in one of the remote Data Center parks. Most companies install their equipment in sunny and windy places. So, providers can use green energy tools, and that makes cloud mining an environmentally-friendly tech.

Is cloud mining profitable?

Since Bitcoin price is still strongly growing this year, cloud mining via trusted legit websites can bring a good income. All the user needs is to choose the right provider to rent a miner or buy a contract. The average profitability rates currently start from 140-150%. So, we can see cryptocurrency cloud mining is still a stable and gainful kind of creating passive income at the moment.

How to choose the cloud mining option

Best cloud mining websites provide a wide variety of contract types as well as tariff plans for any deposit amount. To choose the suitable one, users can calculate income using a cloud mining calculator, a useful tool available on most platforms.

How can you start mining using cloud technology

The first step is to choose the platform that matches. We strongly recommend using trusted web resources related to cryptocurrency to explore real users’ reviews and marks. Next, you have to sign up and create an account. Note most cloud mining providers require you to verify your identity before purchasing a contract (and it is for your safety only). After you choose a suitable plan just deposit using the preferred payment method. The minimum deposit amount depends on the platform you have chosen. Finally, rent your hash rate capacities and start to earn Bitcoins daily tracking the stats time after time.