Organizers, Attendees Share Their Experience from Baguio City’s First NFT Art Minting Workshop

Organizers, Attendees Share Their Experience from Baguio City’s First NFT Art Minting Workshop

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  • The first NFT Art Minting Workshop was held in Baguio City, Philippines, on January 23rd.
  • The workshop was organized by Yield Guild Games and NFTXStreet community to educate local artists on NFTs and blockchain.
  • The event was attended by 50 local artists who had limited knowledge about blockchain and was facilitated by YGG Country Manager, Luis Buenaventura II, who is also an NFT artist.

The organizers of the successful first-ever non-fungible token (NFT) Art Minting Workshop that was held in Baguio City on January 23rd, shared their experience in bringing the event to life.

The workshop, which aimed to educate and share knowledge on local artists about NFTs and blockchain, was made possible through the collaboration of the gaming guild Yield Guild Games and NFTXStreet community. The workshop was facilitated by YGG Country Manager Luis Buenaventura II, one of the first Filipino NFT artists, at Hoka Brew Restaurant’s function hall. 

According to NFTXStreet founder Joniel “Jb” Bon, the workshop aimed to educate the artists on the basics of NFT minting, buying, selling, and marketing their digital assets in NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarity. According to the organizers, the event was attended by 50 local artists—most of them had limited knowledge about blockchain technology.

“I’ve been interested in learning about NFT art since last year but I can’t grasp the concept. The workshop made it so much fun and easy to understand. I’m confident that I’m equipped with enough basic knowledge to now give it a go!” one of the attendees, Gladys Labsan, stated. 

As an NFT artist himself, Buenaventura provided an overview of the history of NFTs and shared his personal experience during the workshop. To further engage them, the attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session. 

Attendee Celine Bugaoan shared:

“The workshop is well-organized naman po. The venue has an internet connection, there’s ample amount of food and drinks, and the topic is insightful. NFT art has been confusing for me ever since I’ve encountered it (before), but I’ve always been interested in it. The workshop gave me the knowledge and understanding I’ve been looking for. I’m going to try, I have nothing to lose, sabi nga sa workshop. Bago din naman sa digital art. Thankful po kami sa mga nag-organize. Hopefully marami pang ganitong workshop in the future.”

In addition, YGG also provided gas fees for each attendee to mint on OpenSea to support the artists in their journey to mint their own NFTs. They credited the commencement of the workshop to the YGG Community Support program, led by guild relations officer Spraky, as it provided the necessary funds and resources. 

“We all learned a lot! Me and my fellow artists are now embracing the digital technology and trading, via NFT. Albeit, not that fast, but we are trying. We just need to grasp the concept of Traditional Painting to NFT Trading. Again, maraming salamat po!” said local artist Carmen Vee.

The other participants also expressed their gratitude towards the organizers as the workshop helped them be “enlightened.” 

Last year, YGG partnered with Nuseir Yassin’s (widely known as Nas Daily) online community platform Nas Academy to launch the online learning platform Web3 Metaversity to educate newly onboarded, crypto newbies and anyone who wants to learn about web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse as a whole. (Read more: NAS Academy, YGG Team Up for Web3 Education)

What is NFTxStreet?

It is a web3 testing service provider guild that aims to support X-to-Earn scholars. According to them, they are targeting to support individuals in earning additional income through part-time web3 opportunities.

“NFTxSTREET is committed to introducing more Filipinos to the world of metaverse through various means such as education, web3 gaming, financial services, and other blockchain prospects. Our journey began with Axie Infinity where we imparted the essential knowledge of blockchain and how to utilize crypto wallets. With these basic skills, Filipinos can explore the vast array of Dapps and games and earn through their participation,” they affirmed.

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