How to write adult fiction in BitLife

How to write adult fiction in BitLife

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BitLife Online has gathered some real traction with gaming fans on mobile and PC. This life simulator throws a vast array of zany and imaginative situations at you as you go from birth to death. Making decisions as your years tick on past, you can choose the destiny that awaits. Many jobs, relationships, and achievements are available within your mortal coil. One of these is the Lucrative Lexicon award that, amongst other things, requires you to write adult fiction in BitLife. Follow these steps to guide yourself to a life of steamy erotica.

How to write adult fiction in BitLife

To start your career as a writer, you will need the smarts to get accepted into the job. If you’re naturally gifted enough you can just walk through the publisher’s door; other times, you’ll need to put those hours in at school.

Become qualified

If your smarts aren’t quite up to scratch, select the extra study options in high school. Once you finish school, choose a subject in the English or Publishing field. Once you are done with University, head into the wide world of work and look for a job as a writer. If it doesn’t show up immediately, don’t fear; grab another job and check the job board every year.

How to write adult fiction in BitLife

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Write a few bestsellers

As you work as a writer, you will slowly start to push out bestsellers, provided you have the right level of skill. This might not happen if you don’t have the required qualifications from University.

You need to publish a few books for the next step in writing adult fiction in Bitlife. Over time, your books will become best sellers. First, however, you need to wait until you have at least two under your belt; it’s easy; trust me, we’ve all got a few.

Get seedy in your old age and write adult fiction in BitLife

You will undoubtedly be pretty old by this point, so what better time to start writing dirty literature? Everyone wants to hear about an old person’s personal conquests. If you navigate to the activities tab, you can write a book. Choose the option to write adult fiction in BitLife.

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