EA FC: Seven features we NEED to see introduced in Ultimate Team

EA FC: Seven features we NEED to see introduced in Ultimate Team

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EA Sports and FIFA are going their separate ways after FIFA 23, opening the door for major innovations in EA FC Ultimate Team!

There are plenty of changes and new features the FUT community has been asking for, and if EA takes these on board then they could earn a lot of respect from the fans.

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Take a look at our EA FC Ultimate Team new features wishlist below and see if you agree with the suggestions.

Quit = Win

A major bugbear for many Ultimate Team players is not gaining anything if an opponent quits.

Whether it is in friendlies or FUT Champions, if the match is a draw and your opposition chooses to call it a day for whatever reason – but usually because they are fearing a loss – it doesn’t count as a win for the player willing to see the match out.

messi fifa 23 angry
STOP IT! – Opponents quitting has caused much anger in FIFA 23

This seems to have become more prevalent recently, causing much ire in a game that should be about having fun.

By introducing a feature where a player gets the win if their opponent quits, no matter what the stage or score of the game, would please many fans, as it wouldn’t feel such a waste of time when it does happen and should also crack down on people quitting so much.

3-Minute Halves

If EA continues to bring out objectives that require you to play in Squad Battles in EA FC Ultimate Team, then 3-minute halves need to be introduced.

We all hate seeing that game mode come up as a requirement, although doing the tasks in Rivals is regularly an option.

vinicius jr fifa 23
SPEED IT UP – We want to rush through Squad Battles as quickly as possible

There needs to be some sort of grind to earn top cards, but we still want to smash through objectives as quickly as we can.

If EA wants us to play 20 Squad Battles matches, at least give us the opportunity to change the games to 3-minute halves!

Claim All

This is a minor feature that could be implemented, but it’s one that the FUT community is always asking for.

A ‘Claim All’ option for rewards on completed objectives doesn’t seem a big ask, and it will save a bit of time compared to claiming each one by one.

Come on EA, we’re not asking for much here, we must see it in EA FC Ultimate Team!

Team of the Week Boost

EA has already made changes to Team of the Week in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but it often still feels very underwhelming.

The double in-form upgrades have been brilliant, yet the further we go into the season the less impact they have.

Perhaps at the start of the EA FC Ultimate Team campaign, TOTW cards should just have the one in-form upgrade, but then every other season this increases.

Then, in season three cards will gain a double in-form boost, in season five a triple one, and so on.

haaland fifa 23
GOAL MACHINE – Haaland has been on fire, yet the TOTW cards haven’t come

There should also be less hesitance from them to award top players and Ones to Watch items with a TOTW inclusion.

This season, Erling Haaland has only had one Team of the Week card, which is mind-blowing when you think how insane he has been.

Not only would this increase the hype around TOTW, but also the Ones to Watch cards that are active season-long.

Duplicate Card Storage

We doubt this will happen, but for years we have had an issue with the duplicate card storage system in Ultimate Team.

When you pack a tradable version it is fine, as you can just add it to the transfer list section but not put the card up for sale.

However, if you pack an untradable duplicate and the version in your club already is also untradable, you can either look for an SBC to put it into or have to bin it, which is very annoying!

There should be a limit on how many cards you can store in a duplicate untradeable card storage section, but having somewhere to put your high-rated fodder until a suitable SBC is released would be an amazing inclusion in EA FC.

Infinite Rewards

No, we’ve not lost out minds here when we ask about infinite rewards, and it is actually something that has been included in MLB The Show 23.

Loads of players will have amassed enough XP to get the level 30 reward well before a FUT season ends, so are then earning more XP for no reason.

mlb the show 23 diamond dynasty infinite rewards
INFINITE REWARDS – Make that extra XP worth something

To fix this in MLB’s Ultimate Team equivalent Diamond Dynasty, once you have reached the final big reward of the season, your XP goes into an infinite loop overflow, as shown in the image above.

Each time you gain enough XP to complete the loop you earn extra rewards, which could be random packs in EA FC Ultimate Team.

Chemistry Re-Work

FIFA 23 introduced a chemistry re-work, which we think has been great – in general!

However, where we think it fails is by not punishing out-of-position players or those with no links in the team.

Although this lets us include cards in our starting lineup that don’t fit with the rest of the side, we think that it should come with some hindrance.

Re-introducing negative ratings for cards that are out of place in a team would then require a bit more thinking when looking to include them as a starter.

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