Big update this week on future of The Division, including Heartland and Resurgence

Big update this week on future of The Division, including Heartland and Resurgence

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Ubisoft will preview what’s coming next for the growing series of The Division games on April 20, at 11AM PDT / 8PM CEST / 2PM EDT / 6PM GMT. That’ll include a new look at gameplay from The Division Heartland (opens in new tab), a roadmap of Year 5 updates for The Division 2 (opens in new tab) alongside the new Descent game mode, and an update on the mobile spinoff The Division Resurgence.

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You’ll be able to watch all that on Ubisoft’s Twitch (opens in new tab) or Youtube (opens in new tab) channels.

The big hook with Heartland, which I think most people will be there to see, is that it’ll be a free-to-play game. We got a good look at Heartland last year (opens in new tab) during Ubisoft Forward 2022, where it was described as a “free-to-play survival action shooter” that takes from The Division’s core gameplay, but isn’t a mainline game. Ubisoft will premiere The Division Heartland’s cinematic introduction and show off a gameplay preview.

Heartland was supposed to come our way in 2021–22 (opens in new tab), but nothing in game development is ever certain. This has, after all, been a rough few years for Ubisoft games actually coming out rather than just being teased. For example: Skull and Bones (opens in new tab).

The Division 2’s upcoming game mode Descent, which also suffered some delays, will be a roguelike-inspired four-player cooperative mode where you lose your gear and have to fight your way through ever-harder levels while collecting new stuff to fight with. That’ll come with whatever’s on the docket for Year 5 of The Division 2.

Which honestly blows my mind, because I feel like Tom Clancy’s The Division just came out a few years ago. Except there’s a second one up to Year 5 now and two spinoffs in the pipe. This is how it feels to get older, I guess.

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