Adam Savage on Setting Up a Small Hobby Makerspace

Adam Savage on Setting Up a Small Hobby Makerspace

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In this “Ask Adam” segment, Adam Savage is asked what the considerations are in setting up a small hobby workspace.

As usual, he has some smart takes, like deciding on what machine tools you need and then seeing how small you can get them (e.g. instead of getting a floor-standing drill press, you can get a benchtop press).

He also says you probably don’t need as big of a workbench as you think you do and it definitively doesn’t need to be very deep (his are never more than 24″ of depth). He also cautions though that you need to make sure, especially in a small shop, that you have a good enough storage system for everything so that the benchtop doesn’t end up as a storage place.

In the video, Adam drops a great idea for a TV show. He says he’d love to see a show, like Kitchen Nightmares, where a well-known maker goes around visiting interesting, talented makers with terrible shops and works with them to do a makerspace makeover. He throws it out there because he doesn’t want to do it, he just wants to watch it. Me, too! Somebody, make this show!

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