PayMaya is Looking for Crypto Product Manager

Popular e-wallet and fintech app PayMaya is looking for someone with familiarity in DeFi, NFT’s and the crypto ecosystem to become its product manager for cryptocurrency. This is according to a job advertisement posted on LinkedIn. The job posting is still available on the social networking site as of Dec. 12, 2021, with 17 applicants so far. 

Another job ad, first seen by this writer on Nov. 9, 2021, is PayMaya seeking someone to fill for the role of “Investments Manager – Investments, Crypto and Insurance.” 

This job posting no longer appears on LinkedIn. A quick Google search led this writer to the particular LinkedIn page where it says that PayMaya is no longer accepting applicants for the said position.

(When inquired by BitPinas beginning Dec. 1, PayMaya’s representative said they will send responses to our questions by end-of-day of Dec. 9, 2021. We have you to receive a reply as of publication time.)

PayMaya Product Manager (Crypto)

For this position, the job post says PayMaya is looking for a leader that can help the fintech firm “blaze into new territories including the acceleration of the adoption of crypto assets.” This, the firm says, could be done by allowing crypto to seamlessly integrate with the traditional financial system. 

PayMaya said it is building a “compliant cryptocurrency platform” that “integrates” with its current products. The person who will become PayMaya’s Product Manager for crypto will also be its ambassador for blockchain technology who will push crypto awareness and adoption to the mainstream.

PayMaya is looking for someone with 3 – 5 years of leadership experience in crypto. Interestingly, it wants someone who is familiar with decentralized finance or DeFi, NFTs, and staking. The person is required to have an experience working in blockchain, crypto exchange, or a similar company. 

Investments Manager – Investments, Crypto and Insurance

For this position, the person will establish, manage, maintain, and launch new business opportunities for these three areas: investment, cryptocurrency, and insurance. The role is important to help get more partners on crypto, for example, for its consumers to transact and use, PayMaya stated in the job post. 

While prior work with a previous crypto company is required in the product manager position, for this one, crypto or trading experience is only a “plus” but the person must have 5 years of experience working in fintech, business development, telco, or insurance.

Competitor GCash is Also Exploring Crypto

It should be noted that PayMaya has not made any announcements or pronouncements about crypto apart from the publicly available job postings. This is in contrast to its competitor GCash, whose CEO Martha Sazon went on record to say that they are looking for a partner to offer crypto products and trading on the GCash app. “While we may be considered a disruptor now, it is important in this digital age that we should be mindful of all types of disruptions out there. It’s important to know what the trends are, whether locally and globally and crypto is part of that,” Sazon said last May to reporters. (Read More: GCash Crypto? Globe Explores Adding Crypto on Mobile E-Wallet App)

Sazon reconfirmed its plans to launch crypto trading on GCash in a Bloomberg interview.

In the BitPinas Webcast Episode 3 aired Dec. 9, 2021, blockchain lawyer and author of Fintech: First Laws and Principles, Atty. Rafael Padilla, lamented that if GCash wants to launch crypto trading, they should do soon because competitors are also already exploring, referencing the PayMaya job postings on LinkedIn. 

“Sana gawin na nila ng mabilis kasi nakaka-inip na eh, parang ang tagal ng ganitong news,” Atty. Padilla said. 

[Translation: I hope they do it fast because it’s getting boring already since they have mentioned their plans for quite a while already.]

“They’ll probably do this through a partnership so that that partner can be integrated in the Gcash platform. So when the user interacts with crypto within GCash, it’s actually interacting with the (licensed) cryptocurrency exchange,” he said further noting that it seems the e-wallet giant is not going to apply for a virtual currency exchange license. 

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